13 000 spectators on Saturday – another sunny day for mixed relay events


BMW IBU World Cup in Kontiolahti has been a huge success so far. On Friday 7000 spectators enjoyed biathlon festival at the stadium, on Saturday 13 000. On Sunday there is a family day with single mixed relay and mixed relay in programme, and Winter Park as well as other Event Park services entertain biathlon friends also on Sunday before, between and after exciting events.

Athletes have been praised the atmosphere at the stadium and along the tracks, also Finnish Biathlon Association’s managing director mr. Antti Afflekt has been super pleased with what he has witnessed at the stadium.

”This weekend has been success in terms of number of spectators. It has been great to see how our athletes get to compete in front of full stands. Atmosphere has been amazing. We have such a great biathlon culture in Kontiolahti. Spectators cheer and support all athletes no matter which nationality they represent”, Afflekt says with a smile.

Photo: Kimmo Pukkila