Already 11 000 tickets sold to the World Cup, ticket sales pace up


Ticket sales to Biathlon World Cup, as expected, are pacing up the nearer the Event comes. Though, sales rates in advance have been quite promising all the time. At the moment ordinary ticket sales what comes to sold and booked tickets are almost 7 500, and added with tickets covering various contracts the number reaches 9 000.

On top of that, VIP ticket sales total in around 2 000. Concerning VIP tickets Friday is sold out, but on the other days there are still tickets available.

”VIP ticket sales almost reached the goal already. Ordinary ticket sales still have to proceed to reach the goal, but usually the majority of the spectators buy their tickets only on the competition day at the gate. The Main stand is filling up with speed, and also the second sector of A Stand is getting sold out. In A3 Stand there is still plenty of room, but it may turn out, that there will be only tickets to B Stand ant trackside zones available at the gate. The in-advance sales pace up on that particular day”, responsible for ticket sales Jarno Lautamatti foresees.

Faithful to the style of a proper Winter Festival there will be a lot of other things besides world’s best biathletes present in the Event. The Spectator Tent Restaurant operated by Kerubi, many sellers in the Event Park along with activities in Winter Park adding to families enjoying themselves, guarantee, that it will be nice to spend a winter day in stadium area and trackside zone.

Final preparations for the Event proceed as planned and scheduled. Some teams already arrived at North Karelia and the rest will follow in the beginning of this week.

”Next year there will be no World Cup in Kontiolahti, therefore you should take advantage of this opportunity now and come to spot Finnish and other top athletes of the world and enjoy the thrill of the Games. It’s worth coming to the Games in several days, because there is various ticket and stand alternatives priced differently. We have added services, screens and stands also in affordable trackside zones”, Event Manager Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori encourages.