The Athletes wish for support and atmosphere at the trackside


The Athletes of the Finnish National Team wish that there were support at the trackside and Stadium during their home World Cup. They believe also other nationalities share their wish. In the Olympics the spectators were not allowed to go to the trackside and therefore the atmosphere was a bit lame there.
– I noticed in Korea how important role the spectators at the trackside play! Biathlon culture is rising in Finland, and now there most certainly will be spectators at the forest trackside. I believe that there will be lots of last minute tickets buyers, Kaisa Mäkäräinen said at the National Team media conference on Wednesday.
– It helps you and brings you joy. I have had my best performances when there has been crowd around, Kontiolahti Sports Club Athlete looks back.
Though Mäkäräinen and Mari Laukkanen and the rest of the Finnish Athletes will get enormous support at home Games, they look forward to meeting great atmosphere also in general:
– It’s not taken away from me if also foreigners are supported. It keeps up the feeling, said Mäkäräinen and reminded that Finns also get a lot of support in Germany and Italy.
Mäkäräinen and the others already had time to get used to frosty conditions, but competing in cold weather in a several days’ event poses its challenges to muscles. All the Finns are in good mood and confident.