Biathlon World Cup Guests get welcome postcards made by schoolkids


Unique welcome cards are once again waiting for the guests coming to the Biathlon World Cup in Kontiolahti. This year the cards are drawn by minor schoolkids from Kontiolahti. The cards will be distributed to the hotels of the region to welcome the guests. Biathlon World Cup will be held in Kontiolahti March 8th – March 11th.

The drawings are being made by 3rd – 6th grade pupils, altogether 800 – 1000 cards. Unlike last year all kids have the same base for the cards, but every card cover is a unique piece. Thus there will not be two cards alike.

Last year the kids remained wondering who and from which country received their cards. This year interaction is being taken into consideration, so the guests may confirm having received a card and deliver their greetings to the respective drawers. In social media the kids can follow with their teachers the photos posted with hash tag #kon18.

The card campaign was organized for the first time last year. The campaign was launched to inform the Biathlon guests of the hospitality in North Karelia, and this is the aim also in the oncoming games.