Boe Conquers Kontiolahti

Johannes Thingnes Boe of Norway did not give the others a chance in Men’s Pursuit. He started the race 19 seconds before Russia’s Alexander Loginov and held the first spot throughout the competition. The second place went to Martin Fourcade, who ensured the win of the overall competition, and the third place on the podium went to Björn Ferry.

Boe hit all the targets in the prone stages, and his win seemed to be ensured at that point. In the first standing stage shooting, however, he got his first penalty of the weekend, and the last shooting was a catastrophe for him. He missed the first four targets. His advantage turned out to be big enough when Fourcade and Ferry, too, got penalties. Despite the win Boe did not find the last shooting amusing.
-All I can say is that it was enough to hit one target on the last shooting. The competition may be over now, but thinking of the last shooting is not fun, said Boe, but with a slight smile on his face.

Wind did make shooting more difficult, but Boe’s catastrophe shooting cannot be blamed on that.
– My legs were shaking and it was so windy. My brain had a bad moment and it was not fun, commented Boe.

The Frenchman Fourcade, who finished in the second place, claimed the World Cup Overall Score title. This is his third consecutive title.
– Before this season everyone was saying that it is impossible to win this title and win at the Olympics. I’m very happy to have claimed this title today, and now it’s also certain that Johannes (Boe) can’t beat this achievement in three years, Fourcade laughed.
Fourcade and Ferry both had three penalties, but the advantage Boe gained in the sprint and his strong skiing at the tracks were enough to gain him the win.

– The wind was crazy today. I thought that the winner needs to be lucky but Johannes wasn’t, he was very strong, said Fourcade of the winner.
The third place went to Björn Ferry, who has been strong at the end of the season. Despite the good competitions he has not cancelled his decision to end his career.

– I’ve never felt as good while training as this year. I was so prepared for the Olympics and not gaining a medal there was a huge disappointment. Then again, last weekend in Polkljuka I had some of the best competitions in my life, and now I’m at the podium, so this just might be my best season ever, said the happy Swede.