More and more environmentally event organization


This year Kontiolahti Biathlon World Cup takes steps towards more environmentally responsible event organization. The initiative was first taken by the event management, as last year’s Joensuu-Jukola orienteering relay provided easy examples where to start.

Environmentally responsible solutions in Kontiolahti include new recycling efforts in marked recycling points, using recycled materials in decoration, plastic-free dishes, vegetarian options and preference of local products in catering services, and organization of spectator shuttle buses to diminish traffic.

“In future we will create our own environmental management program in cooperation with our partners”, promises the event manager Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori.

The Finnish Olympic Committee and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra have introduced a national expert network to encourage environmental responsibility in sports. The network consists of governing bodies, sports associations, universities, and municipal level actors. The network aims at introducing environmental responsibility and sustainable solutions into sports events as well as every day activities of sports associations and clubs.

POW Finland, also a member of the above mentioned network, encourages winter sports lovers to make sustainable decisions in their everyday lives and to take action and make impact in society. Protect Our Winters Finland is part of the international POW movement that brings together winter sports enthusiasts and winter sports companies to act against climate change. POW is founded and directed by winter sports lovers. POW takes action also in the United States, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Great Britain.

Text: Sari Jormanainen, photo: Piia Kinnunen