Food to Event Guests by North Karelian providers


You won’t be suffering from hunger when watching the Biathlon World Cup events in Kontiolahti. Guests will be pampered not only with tough races but also with versatile food setting. Especially local, North Karelian food service providers were attracted to join the Biathlon Games with good success.

There will be a wide variety of snacks available, from vendace of Lake Puruvesi to waffles and on-site baked fresh doughnuts. It is Puruvesi vendace, for instance, that will be served by Joen Ruokapriha with long experience on events including biathlon. Biathlon events, from the enterprise’s point of view are calendared conveniently outside the rush season of summer and autumn.

– Guess this is the third time for us to be in a World Cup event along with World Championships. First time we were one of the few food providers on site. There’s been a huge growth in that respect, entrepreneur Petri Vänskä says.

Restaurant services will be found on the spot in the Spectator Tent and adjoining Event Park as well as at the trackside. Special attention’s being paid to food services at the trackside compared to previous years. At the trackside strong food and warm drinks will be served, among the others, by restaurant Edison, which has been involved in the Games for several years. According to entrepreneur Ari Kettunen the aim is to offer the guests quick and friendly service and solid bites.

– First of all, we wish attendants of the Games to be left with good mood from the races and by food service providers, Ari Kettunen says.

Last year’s Games in Kontiolahti went really well according to both entrepreneurs; therefore expectations on this year are positive.  However, you can’t have an influence on everything; weather conditions are hoped to be as favorable this year as they were in previous years.