Fourcade wins his 60th World Cup competition – Eckhoff celebrates women’s victory


Victory in the men’s 10 km Sprint went to Martin Fourcade of France, who finished 0.6 seconds before Czech Ondřej Moravec. Third was Norway’s Emil Hegle Svedsen. Both Svedsen and Moravec shot clean at both ranges and competed hard on the track. Moravec’s skiing pace was better than his Norwegian rival’s, and their final difference was 8.8 seconds.

Martin Fourcade shot clean at prone and missed one at the standing position. He left from the last shooting 5.8 seconds after Moravec, but a strong final push brought him a tight win. Svedsen, with his clean shot lost, to Fourcade by 9.4 seconds.
“At the first timing spot after the standing shooting I thought there was nothing to be done, since our difference had not decreased. I started to believe in myself only at the steep climb. It was definitely an advantage today to know the leading times,” Fourcade tells us.

In the ladies’ 7.5 km competition, Tiril Eckhoff from Norway skied to the victory before Germany’s Laura Dahlmeier, who finished 18.3 seconds behind the winner. Third was Darya Domracheva. Eckhoff was able to avoid penalty loops, while Dahlmeier missed one shot. The winner was satisfied with her performance, taking into account the recent Korea World Cup competitions.
“The trip from Korea was really hard and long. I have slept a lot and practiced only little. I am already looking forward to tomorrow. I will try to shoot as well as today, and maybe then I’ll have a chance of succeeding,” Eckhoff sums up.