Kontiolahti Stadium

Kontiolahti Stadium is located 15 km north from Joensuu. Over the years, it has hosted several top class events in biathlon and cross-country skiing, both in winter and in summer.

Some of the competitions that the Kontiolahti Stadium has hosted:
IBU World Championships Biathlon 2015
IBU World Championships Biathlon 1999
IBU World Cups 1990 (final), 1993 (final), 1997, 2003 (opening), 2006, 2007 (opening), 2010, 2012 and 2014

Main facts

• Valid IBU A-licence 2008-2016.
• Competition facilities
– Stadium area
– Shooting range with 30 illuminated targets, 1000 lux, renewed 2011 (type Kurvinen)
– Biathlon and Cross-Country Competition tracks
– Separate and ventilated, permanent wax cabins and changing rooms (21 pcs) + temporary wax cabins with easy access to the Start and Finish area.
• Other facilities
– Main building 500 m², where you can find OC offices, competition restaurant etc.
– Media center 300 m²
– TV-compound area 3000 m², including TV-center building of 200 m²
– Wide parking area for spectators, right outside the stadium
– Other parking areas, mainly in the stadium area (for VIPs, media, teams…)

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