Moravec wins men’s individual


Ondrej Moravec (CZE), the silver medallist at BWCH2017 in Hochfilzen in individual, was the winner in the opening race at IBU Cup Biathlon in Kontiolahti. Moravec was shooting clean and finished the hard race in 49.12,7. Moravec finished 46,7 seconds ahead of Alexey Volkov and 52,5 seconds ahead of Daniel Mesotitch.

Moravec, who is still recovering from the World Championships, was pleased with his performance:

”My skiing was good. I was a little bit tired in the last lap, but it is normal in 20km race. In the last standing I was a bit lucky”, he summed up his competition.

He enjoys IBU Cup and sees it as good training to next week’s World Cup. This week, he plans to compete at least in sprint on Saturday.

Finnish team duo had a tough day. Ahti Toivanen finished 36th, Jarkko Kauppinen 53rd.

”The conditions were very hard today. Prone was very easy and felt good, in standing I had a couple of bad shots. Without them it had been an okay race from shooting point of view”, Toivanen said.

He has been suffering from constant illnesses which have broke his normal training constantly. Therefore his main goal now is to leave the health issues behind him and start off the new training season without any illnesses.

Photo: Niko Jouhkimainen