Shumilova wins women’s individual – Jänkä suprises with 29th place


Russian biathletes took the first two spots in women’s individual. Ekaterina Shumilova was the winner 22,2 seconds ahead of Uliana Kaisheva. Olga Alifiravets from Sweden completed the podium trio while Erika Jänkä was the best Finn with 29th place, her first ever sub-30 at IBU Cup.

None of the top three was shooting clean in 15 km race. Shumilova and Kaisheva missed two, Alifiravets one. Shumilova raced for the first time since months.

”My skis were great, track and conditions were hard. I am not satisfied with my two misses but luckily my skiing was good”, Shumilova said.
Four Finns participated in individual. The best one was Erika Jänkä, who got her two misses in the second shooting. She finished 4.16,8 minutes behind the winner.

”It was tough! The last lap was nothing but hard fight. I am satisfied with my shooting as it has been a struggle this winter. Also last standing was really easy and secure. Good feelings towards sprint”, Jänkä said.