Welcome to Kontiolahti!

Once again we have the honour and pleasure to welcome world’s top biathletes to Kontiolahti and Joensuu region. We are working hard in order to provide the best possible conditions for the teams competing in Kontiolahti at IBU Cup 7, 28.2.-5.3.2017.

On this page you find information for teams who participate IBU Cup 7 in Kontiolahti.


UPDATED 26.2.2017. Note the change in TCMs, we have only one TCM and it is held on Wednesday morning in the stadium at 8.30.




Accommodation updates

19.1. Rooms available in all accommodation places.

! For those interested in staying in Holiday Linnunlahti, Joensuu: if there are enough teams willing to buy fullboard (lunch + dinner) it is possible to arrange this for those staying in Holiday Linnunlahti. Additional price is 19 €/person/day and this will be added to the sum mentioned in the invitation.


appendix_1_rifles_ammunition(pdf),         appendix_1_rifles_ammunition(word)
Teams having EU firearms passport don’t need the rifles and ammunition appendix

appendix_2_for_VISA (pdf),         appendix_2_for_VISA (word)
appendix_3_for_transport (pdf),          appendix_3_for_transport (word)
appendix_4_wax_truck  (pdf),          appendix_4_wax_truck (word)
appendix_5_radioequipment (only pdf)

For start lists and results please visit IBU datacenter