Weidel winner in the exciting pursuit


Anna Weidel from Germany was the winner at IBU Cup Biathlon pursuit event, which was the last race of the weekend. Weidel stepped to the top from fourth place, and left Russian duo Victoria Slivko and Uliana Kaisheva to the next places. Slivko lost a win just by 2,8 seconds.

”I am feeling really really good. I didn’t even realise now that I won ,maybe wat the hotel. There was nothing on my mind, I just tried to follow the Russians. After the 4th shooting I tried to stay in the second place, then I saw the Russian was also really tired so I tried to give my best. Pursuit is my favorite race. Conditions were really good here, I like the hard tracks it. It was perfect weekend”, said happy winner.

The best Finn was Erika Jänkä, who finished 28th:

”I didn’t get any flow to skiing, but on fourth and fifth loop I noticed I kept going after wall-climb a bit better than in previous races. I really liked to race. In shooting my prone was slow, in this event I really marked how much work I have to make the shooting range part faster”, said Jänkä.

Video interviews of the Finnish athletes:
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Photo: Niko Jouhkimainen