Media Services

The Media Center is in a permanent part of the stadium building, and it accommodates two large press conference rooms. The work stations for written press and in the same conference room where the press conferences will take place. The photographers, ENG stations and radio will have working stations in another conference room. Television has its own buidings close to the media center.

The media center offers free WiFi to all media, lan cabling for photo work stations, and optional lan cabling for journalist work stations. The information desk will provide printed information and start/result lists for the media.

Contact information / E-mail:

Opening Hours of media center:

06.03. Tuesday            14:00-20.00
07.03. Wednesday     10:00-20:00       
08.03. Thursday           10:00-23:00
09.03. Friday                 10:00-23:00
10.03. Saturday           10:00-23:00
11.03. Sunday              10:00-22:00

Food & drinks The Media center will serve snacks and drinks, such as water, coffee, tea etc. free of charge to editorial media.

Commentator food & drinks A complimentary catering service consisting of drinks, such as water, coffee, tea etc. will be offered free of charge to the commentary positions. The catering service will be situated at a media restaurant. The media center team will distribute updated start- and result lists to the commentary booths.