A month to the Games: Biathlon World Cup preparations proceed according to schedule


Preparations for the Biathlon World Cup gain speed with only a month remaining to the Games. Already more than 8000 tickets have been sold, including booked ordinary tickets and VIP tickets. It’s estimated that A-stand will be sold out in advance at least on Sunday.

”At the moment approximately half of A-stand tickets on Sunday have been sold. In real numbers we are around 20 per cent ahead of last year. Also the VIP ticket sales go really speedy. On Friday the VIP is almost full; from 800 customer seats including contract-based tickets, in practice 770 tickets have already been sold”, states Jarno Lautamatti, responsible for ticket sales.

There were clear peaks on ticket sales, for instance during Anterselva World Cup and same boost is anticipated during the Olympics.

”In stands A and B there is still room every day. At trackside stands there is plenty of room. People just don’t buy tickets in advance to the trackside stands”, Lautamatti says.

The goal is to sell 25 000 tickets, which means a total of 33 000 attendants.

”Well, you have to work to achieve that, but I believe it’s realistic. I believe, that there will be clearly more people coming from Russia than last winter”, Lautamatti figures.

The trackside zone has been improved this year. The number of stands has increased and visibility from the stands is better. Also restaurant services are bettered. In Winter Park zone there will be alike last Games activities for families, especially on Saturday, which is named the family day.

”We have significantly increased parking space compared to last spring, and all parking zones have already been cleared from snow. Also spectator shuttles have been made more functional, so we encourage people to use them”, Event Manager Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori says.