This year Kontiolahti Biathlon World Cup takes steps towards more environmentally responsible event organization. The initiative was first taken by the event management, as last year’s Joensuu-Jukola orienteering relay provided easy examples where to start. Environmentally responsible solutions in Kontiolahti include new recycling efforts in marked recycling points, using recycled materials in decoration, plastic-free dishes,

Ticket sales to Biathlon World Cup, as expected, are pacing up the nearer the Event comes. Though, sales rates in advance have been quite promising all the time. At the moment ordinary ticket sales what comes to sold and booked tickets are almost 7 500, and added with tickets covering various contracts the number reaches

We are ready for the competition week and the event information is now available. Click the picture below and check the information.  

Behind the Biathlon World Cup Event in Kontiolahti there is voluntary work of hundreds of volunteers, and indeed, these joyous helpers are a vital part in the success of the Games. You’ll find volunteers in various missions from ticket sales and construction works to assignments at the shooting range. Marja Suvinen has been actively involved

You won’t be suffering from hunger when watching the Biathlon World Cup events in Kontiolahti. Guests will be pampered not only with tough races but also with versatile food setting. Especially local, North Karelian food service providers were attracted to join the Biathlon Games with good success. There will be a wide variety of snacks

Preparations for the Biathlon World Cup gain speed with only a month remaining to the Games. Already more than 8000 tickets have been sold, including booked ordinary tickets and VIP tickets. It’s estimated that A-stand will be sold out in advance at least on Sunday. ”At the moment approximately half of A-stand tickets on Sunday

Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Mari Laukkanen are the big favorites of the Finnish crowd in Kontiolahti Biathlon World Cup. Both of them have already experienced also result wise fine moments, especially in 2014, when Mäkäräinen won three races and Laukkanen was third in Sprint. ”Most definitely my greatest memory on Kontiolahti World Cups is the first

Unique welcome cards are once again waiting for the guests coming to the Biathlon World Cup in Kontiolahti. This year the cards are drawn by minor schoolkids from Kontiolahti. The cards will be distributed to the hotels of the region to welcome the guests. Biathlon World Cup will be held in Kontiolahti March 8th –

Once again an Event Park Zone offering different kinds of services is being built to serve for the quests of Biathlon World Cup. Also sellers show interest to the Event, 17 different sales and presentation stands being booked already at this stage. – There’s quite large interest shown to the Event Park. Up to this

Would you like to come and watch the Biathlon World Cup in March, but you wonder about where to stay? We are pleased to tell you, that there is still accommodation available in less than an hour’s ride from the Biathlon Stadium. Now it’s time to hurry up with bookings and ticket purchase, because all