The Biathlon World Cup event has been improved year after year thanks to the event quest feedback. Regarding the upcoming games the Spectator services are being improved once again. Spectator stands at track in the forest giving the spectators a chance to get close to the Athletes in the very hot spots have been gaining

Ticket sales for the Biathlon World Cup are advancing promisingly during the first couple of months. At this stage the ticket sale is already about 1500, amongst them more than 300 VIP tickets. The interest has been as expected. – We expect the pace to accelerate towards the end of the year, because the most

The volunteer recruitment is now open both in English and Finnish. For more details and links for the application forms please visit the Volunteers page / in Finnish Toimitsijat-sivu.

Skiing season in Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium and its Cooled Ski Track kicks off on Thursday October 12th, when the first 2,2 km loop in easy terrain opens. At first, ski friends can enjoy 1,5 km course at Cooled Ski Track and shooting range area. Total climb on the course is approximately 40 meter which makes

Five months and world’s best biathletes are once again competing at Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. Ticket sales for BMW IBU World Cup Biathon March 8th-11th started on October 2nd at 9:00 am. Buying your ticket in advance is smart in many ways, as also prices are lower until December 31st.

Simon Lukkonen who studies in Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences is making his thesis concerning volunteering in world cup 8 in Kontiolahti in 2017. You can find the questionnaire HERE. By answering the questionnaire you will help us to do better next year and to develop our volunteer recruitment etc. The questionnaire is open until 13th

Austria skied to the victory of Sunday’s Single Mixed Relay with the team Lisa Theresa Hauser and Simon Eder. USA finished 32.8 seconds back, claiming second place with team Susan Dunklee and Lowell Bailey. The German team, with Laura Dahlmeier and Roman Rees, came third 33.3 seconds behind the top team. Austria’s team was unbeatable

The three-day biathlon event in Kontiolahti was a success in every aspect. The three competition days attracted altogether 24,300 visitors – 7000 for Friday’s Sprints, 13,000 for Saturday’s Pursuit races, and 4300 for Sunday’s Relay competitions. “We are totally satisfied with ticket sales, we exceeded our goals by far. What comes to atmosphere, Saturday was

BMW IBU World Cup in Kontiolahti has been a huge success so far. On Friday 7000 spectators enjoyed biathlon festival at the stadium, on Saturday 13 000. On Sunday there is a family day with single mixed relay and mixed relay in programme, and Winter Park as well as other Event Park services entertain biathlon friends

Germany’s Arnd Peiffer skied to the victory in the men’s 12.5 km Pursuit competition, finishing 0.3 seconds before Austria’s Simon Eder. Third to finish was Norway’s Emil Hegle Svendsen, only 2.3 seconds behind the winner. Peiffer succeeded perfectly in his shooting, clearing all targets at all four shootings. Eder and Svendsen both missed one shot