Victory in the men’s 10 km Sprint went to Martin Fourcade of France, who finished 0.6 seconds before Czech Ondřej Moravec. Third was Norway’s Emil Hegle Svedsen. Both Svedsen and Moravec shot clean at both ranges and competed hard on the track. Moravec’s skiing pace was better than his Norwegian rival’s, and their final difference

Feeling suddenly hungry? No panic. The on-site canteen provided by the Kerubi restaurant from Joensuu will feed your appetite as well raise your competition spirit. Between competitions you can enjoy live music and the company of other World Cup guests. There are plenty of seats, but also plenty of space on the dance floor. Items

There are many alternative ways to spend the day at the Kontiolahti World Cup venue. The Winter Park area offers lots of outdoor fun for the youngest spectators. There are, for example, two snowmobiles, which children can drive inside a limited area. There is no specific age requirement for the snowmobiles, the driver’s arms and

At the Kontiolahti World Cup event, expectations regarding the Finnish team focus on Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Mari Laukkanen, as so many times before. Both ladies have had some challenges in preparing for these competitions. Mäkäräinen, who brought a bronze medal from Hochfilzen, continued her strong display at the South Korea World Cup event last week,

Teams from 28 nations have arrived in Kontiolahti and getting ready for the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon weekend starting on Friday. Ticket Sales has been successful so far and the atmosphere at the stadium is guaranteed. BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon is not only exciting competitions: Event Park with hottest disco in town at

Step directly from a winter wonderland into a world of coloured lights and funky music as you enter the Biathlon World Cup marquee.  All thanks to Kerubi, the restaurant that is bringing not just food and drink to the Stadium but also the hottest disco in town. The party is on in the marquee before,

There will be a ski sport super month at Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium starting on March 2nd with IBU Cup Biathlon competitions, continuing with BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon, following by Biathlon Masters and completed by Finnish Championships in Cross-Country Skiing. But if anyone is ready, Kontiolahti Sport Club with its volunteers and with the support

Kaisa Mäkäräinen has seen the World Cup events at Kontiolahti from different perspectives, as she started in 2003 as chaperone for doping control. She moved to Joensuu in the beginning of 2003, and had some months earlier biathlon when the biathlon World Cup circus came to Kontiolahti. She was part-time office assistant for Kontiolahti Sport

Ticket sales opens


Ticket sales for BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon in Kontiolahti is now open. Check out the options and prices on our website and get yours on Ticketmaster website or other sales channels. Arrangements have been in full swing in Kontiolahti and Joensuu since the events were confirmed. Three days of action will include exciting

You can find the webpage of IBU Cup 7 here.