One of the most versatile first-snow track opens today in Kontiolahti


Skiing season in Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium and its Cooled Ski Track kicks off on Thursday October 12th, when the first 2,2 km loop in easy terrain opens.

At first, ski friends can enjoy 1,5 km course at Cooled Ski Track and shooting range area. Total climb on the course is approximately 40 meter which makes it suitable for all ski friends. On Thursday and Friday there is also work in progress as legendary wall climb and the climb next to it will be prepared for more demanding training, increasing the total length of first-snow track to 2,9 km.

Kontiolahti has been improving its conditions year by year. Ski trails are wide enough to make two classic tracks possible as well. That in addition to world-class shooting range facilities make Kontiolahti as one of the world’s most versatile first-snow destination.

Snow storages of 21 000 m3 and 16 000 m3 help to extend the ski tracks by early November as follows: S-climb loop (1 km) will be added as well as easy 800 meter track. That adds up to ca 5 km, from which easy terrain is 3 km.

Cooled Ski Track offers superb conditions for all ski enthusiastics but also Kaisa Mäkäräinen, Dmitry Malyshko and Alexei Slepov enjoy training there.

Kontiolahti attracts once again international training groups: four groups from Russia, masters skiers from Great Britain and teams from South Korea and Japan have scheduled their training camps on first snow. Camps run from 8 days to three weeks.

Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium will again host number of events during winter. Kontiolahti SKI will be the first event on November 4th-5th. The event is open for all and offers distances from 32 km to 21 km.

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