Peiffer to his first victory of the season – Dahlmeier dominated the women’s competition


Germany’s Arnd Peiffer skied to the victory in the men’s 12.5 km Pursuit competition, finishing 0.3 seconds before Austria’s Simon Eder. Third to finish was Norway’s Emil Hegle Svendsen, only 2.3 seconds behind the winner.

Peiffer succeeded perfectly in his shooting, clearing all targets at all four shootings. Eder and Svendsen both missed one shot at the last prone as well as at the last standing position. Final placings were, however, resolved only during the last moments of the race at the stadium in front of full stands.
“Simon (Eder) shot two penalties, so he had to use up more of his strength. My strategy was to follow him. Only on the final stretch I thought I can overtake him,” Peiffer sums up.
“I am really surprised. I didn’t expect this kind of result today. I struggled with the skiing. My shooting was good today, shooting clean all four times is always a great result for a biathlete,” Peiffer comments.

Germany’s Laura Dahlmeier took the victory in the women’s 10 km Pursuit competition. Marie Dorin Habert came second, 16.5 seconds behind, and Lisa Vittozzi was third, 19.9 seconds behind the winner.

Starting second after Friday’s winner Tiril Eckhoff, Dahlmeier missed only one shot of all four shootings.
“At the start of the race we worked as a team to keep up the pace, we didn’t compete against each other so much,” Dahlmeier tells us.
With this result, Dahlmeier secured her overall victory of the World Cup.
“This is a special moment for me, and I can’t really find the right words.”