Spectator services improved according to the feedback


The Biathlon World Cup event has been improved year after year thanks to the event quest feedback. Regarding the upcoming games the Spectator services are being improved once again.

Spectator stands at track in the forest giving the spectators a chance to get close to the Athletes in the very hot spots have been gaining more and more popularity. At the World Cup there are going to be more of those stands, and more attention will be paid to them when locating the sales points. Moreover, at the Wall Uphill there are going to be extra screens to make it easier to follow the action.

Some other measures are being taken, too. For instance, there are going to be more toilets compared to the past. Also their location and guiding is being improved.

– The spectator inquiry last spring gave us some good hints to further improve spectator services. By accurate planning and increase of activities at the Event Park and at the Track we’ll be able to quicker and with higher quality serve the spectators at the spot. Of course, considering large amounts of people there may appear some queues, but hopefully that also will be taken as part of the games ecstasy, says Sami Leinonen, Assistant Event Manager.