On this webpage we will gather different accommodation options. You will find links to hotel web pages, cottages, holiday apartments and much more. If you are interested in private accommodation please scroll down and you will find these options, too.

Hotel Julie (9,2 km from the Stadium)
Minimum stay 4 days. Prices: from. 80,-/ day/ single room , 100,-/day/ double , 110,-/day/3 person room, 129,-/day/4 person room.
Prices include breakfast.
Contacts:; +358 10 322 1910;

Hotelli Vetrea (22 km from the Stadium)   
7.3. – 11.3.2018: 2  x 1 single room, 4  x 2 double
7.3. – 10.03.2018: 1  x 1 single room, 5 x double
7.3. – 9.3.2018: 6  x double.
Single room: 97,00 €/vrk
Double room: 122,00 €/vrk
Vetrea Terveys Oy, Joensuu, Nepenmäenkatu 2, 80200 JOENSUU. tel. +358 020 775 1360

Huhmari (29 km from the Stadium)
Minimum stay 3 days. Prices: from 90 €/day/single room, 126 €/day/double room, 168 €/day/triple room. Prices “from”, depending on the type of room.
Contacts: +358207691230

Visit Karelia Sales / cottages in Koli (60 km from the Stadium)
18 cottages, prices from: 2 days 248 €; 3 days 312 €; 4 days 382 €.
Contacts:; +358 207 434 660;

Karvisen kissanpäivät (45 km from the Stadium)
Spacious 50 m² cozy leisure apartment “Kissankello” for 2+2 persons, max 4 pers
Price: 2 days 160 €, 3 days 220 €, 4 days 260 €. Possibility to have breakfast.
Contacts: Farm Tourist Services Maatilamatkailu Karvisen Kissanpäivät,, Martti Karvinen, +358407391454,

Farm Tourist Services Maatilamatkailu Hirvonen (29 km from the Stadium)
Rooms in the Party building 1 triple room, 2 double rooms,  35 €/pers/day, bed linen and breakfast included. Cottage 3216: max 10 persons. Prices 1 day 300 €, 2 days 600 €, 3 days 900 € and 4 days 1200 €, VAT included. Cottage 3214, max 5 persons. Prices 1 day 250 €, 2 days 500 €, 3 days 750 € and 4 days 1000 €, VAT included. Bed linen or breakfast NOT included in the price for a cottage. Breakfast may be bought additionally for 10 €/pers/day VAT included, bed linen 6 €/pers VAT included.
Contacts: tai +358504128289 Maatilamatkailu Hirvonen, Rostilantie 52, 82210 Suhmura.

Kokkola Farm (20 km from the Stadium)
Some cottages still available. For groups preferably, 40 €/day/person

Vaivion kurssikeskus (30 km from the Stadium)
9-12.3.2018 available accommodation:
2 × single room, price 50 €/room/day,
15 × double room, price 80 €/ room/day,
2 × four person room 120 €/ room/day. Bed linen and breakfast included.
Reservations and inquiries: or +358 500 185664
Minna Soikkeli, +358 500 185664;

SportBed (1,5 km from the Stadium)
Sport Bed – Sporty staying in Kontiolahti
We have accommodation available in 4 and 6 persons rooms in former military building, within walking distance (1,5 km) from Biathlon stadium.

Bed place from 6 persons room: 26 €/day, and 24 €/day/for 2 days and more
Whole room (4 persons): 125 €/day, and 105 €/day/for 2 days and more
Whole room (6 persons): 186 €/day, and 155 €/day/for 2 days and more
Prices are without linen and towel.
Linen is available for 6 €/person and towel 3 €/person. We have spacious toilets and showers located in the corridor (separately for men and women). All meals are available according the reservations (minimum order 10 persons). There is a possibility for self-cooking in an equipped kitchen. All prices include the room cleaning and VAT.

Contact us (
Mobile: +358 400 698 827 / mrs Heli Liukka



In the Koli tourism area and in Lieksa there are vacancies in cottages and apartments. Distance to the stadium is about 40 km. Check out accomodation and services on the web site


High quality accommodation in 1 hour (75 km) from Kontiolahti biathlon
in Ilomantsi, safe and peaceful.

7 apartements for 22 persons and extra beds:
– 2 studios/2 people 100-120 €/one day
– 2 apartements/4 people 180 €/one day
– 2 apartements/4 people 200 €/one day
– 1 suite160 €/2 people/one day, incl. electric sauna
– extra beds 25 €/one day

Breakfast 15 € is  carelian style local food

Other meals by demand in advance

Saunas, smoke and continuously heated, 2 electric saunas


Möhkön Rajakartano

Elvi Lemmetyinen

Mustakorventie 11, 82980 Möhkö

+358 500 649150

Accommodation in Koli region

Holiday apartments and cottages


VisitKarelia Sales Ltd has the biggest selection of holiday cottages in North Karelia and in Koli. Most of the free cottages and apartments for the time period of the competition can be found in Koli (about an hour drive to the biathlon stadium).

Online booking system:


See also news section regarding available accommodation

Private accommodation

We will update private accommodation options here. Meanwhile you can check available places for example via Airbnb.



A house for rent for 6-11.3. during Kontiolahti Biathlon. The house is located in Joensuu, 6 km from the
centre, and 18/24km from the stadium depending on the route. There are 3 bedrooms with one double-bed
and two single beds, and 3 foldable mattresses, so there’s room for 4 to 7 persons.You can use the kitchen
to prepare food, use the washing machine and dryier, have a sauna.. Need internet-connection? Can be
arranged. We don’t have any pets, so the house is suitable for allergics. Linen and towels are included in
the price.
I’m hoping to rent for atleast 2 nights in a row. The price is 300e/2nights/1-4 persons, extra persons
50e/2nights/person. The price can be negotiated if you’d be staying more than 2 nights in a row.
For more information and photos, please contact Minna Kontturi,


Accommodation at lake Höytiäinen in Polvijärvi

Accommodation for 5 people. The charming house includes:

  • two bedrooms
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • sauna and laundry possibilities

See more at
Distance to Kontiolahti 45 km via Kunnasniemi road or to Joensuu 50 km.
Rent 100 EUR/day, incl. linen and towels. Contact tel. +358 40 525 6852 or


A house (120 m2) for rent at Pielisjoki river. The distance to Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium is 12 km. Beds for 8-9 persons: beds in two bedrooms, one in the living room and two single beds, one single bed in the corridor. If needed even more mattresses. Price 500 e.  Bed linen 10 e/person, final cleaning 100 e.
Includes kitchen with dishes, stove, microwave, coffee maker and electric kettle, washing machine, sauna and outdoor socket.
Available for rent even other times.
phone, +358 500 2532