Event Park/Winter Park

Event Park offers food, coffee, snacks and other services for your entertainment.


There is Winter Park -activity park for families at the World Cup on Saturday, March 10. Winter Park -activity park offers several winter activities free of charge for visitors.
The area is open on Saturday March 10. from 11:40 to 19:30. Tobogganing and dogsledding (for a fee)  is possible on all race days.
• grill
• juice (free of charge ) for the children
Eco-Aims and Kontiolahti Sport Club juniors:
• laser rifle shooting
Joensuun Latu ry:
• exercise equipment that can be tested, for example snowshoeing
Kontiolahti Sport Club:
• snowhill for tobogganing on all race days (tobogganing under the supervision and responsibility of parents)

The Winter Park area is located in an entry fee area at the Track Stands. Activities at Winter Park are free of charge, except dogsledding. The area is part of the Stadium’s Event Park, where are located among other things Spectators Tent, restaurant and cafeteria services and point of sales.


For more information: Aku Moilanen, sales.kontiolahti(a)gmail.com, p. +358 40 828 9624

Photo: Anna-Kaisa Mansikka