Frequently asked questions

On this page we put together answers to frequently asked questions about different topics.


Where can I purchase the tickets?
You can buy tickets via Ticketmaster.

I got A/B Stand ticket, can I go to track stand to see the competition action from there?
Yes. When you have a ticket for any of the stadium stands, you can access track stand with it as well. If you have a ticket to track stand, you can unfortunately NOT enter stadium stands with that.

I got a ticket to A-stand, but I would like to look at the competition at B stand with my friends. Can I go with my A stand ticket to B stand?
Unfortunately, you can’t. The stadium stand ticket is only for the specific stand and block.

I am person with a disability, where can I watch the event? I need an assistant, does he/she have to buy a ticket?
The stand will be next to VIP-stand. For purchasing ticket please contact In case you require an assistant, he/she will have a free entrance with you. More info on Tickets-page.

I have a dog. Can I take it with me?
Yes you can, but only to track stand. At the stadium it is unfortunately not possible to be seated with any pets.


Where can I see the stadium map?

You can check Stadium map from here.

Where are the track stands?

You can check Stadium map from here. Track stands are marked with orange (number 5).

Where can I see the course maps?

Maps are available here.

Stadium area & guide

How do I get to stadium?
You can check map here.

Where I can see the shops and food stands at the area?
Our Event Park area will offer you a lot of all that.

What can I take with me to the stadium?
Everything what you need to know about items which can be taken or can not be taken to the stadium, is found in spectator’s guide.


Where I can find accommodation?
Accommodation possibilities are available here.


Can I access the stadium by public transportation?
Unfortunately the stadium is not linked to any public bus routes.

Is there a free shuttle bus during the World Cup?
Yes, there is a free shuttle bus from Joensuu market square (city center) to Kontiolahti biathlon stadium and back. More information available here.