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The Biathlon World Cup marquee – the hottest disco in town – at the heart of the Stadium

Step directly from a winter wonderland into a world of coloured lights and funky music as you enter the Biathlon World Cup marquee.  All thanks to Kerubi, the restaurant that is bringing not just food and drink to the Stadium but also the hottest disco in town. The party is on in the marquee before, during and after the races, with a smoke machine, a glittering mirror ball and the drumming of basses adding to the vibe.

The music in the food and drink marquee is brought to you by Kerubi’s seasoned DJs, experts in funky dance music. The playlist of the DJ quartet Vanilja Aasi, Aito Raappana, Teppo-Johannes and Kiilo is anything but boring. It ranges from all the old classics to punk, not forgetting disco and techno sounds. Whichever of the four DJs is on the mic over World Cup Weekend, the tracks chosen will always hit the mark.

As well as having the only bar at the Stadium and the pulsating World Cup disco, the marquee offers the tastiest hamburgers in town, as well as other delicacies to ensure that guests do not go hungry. The marquee provides food, drink and partying over more than 1,000 square metres, so there is plenty of room for fans of Dahlmeier, Fourcade and Mäkäräinen to let their hair down and have a great time while enjoying the World Cup races.