Spectators Guide

Visitor rules and regulations

NOTE: If you have a ticket to stadium stands (A/B/VIP), you can go to track stands. If you have ticket to track stands, you can NOT go to any stadium stands. If you have ticket to stadium stand A, you can not go to B stand etc.


Essential points of visitor rules and regulations




By bying a ticket visitor approves the agreement of obeying the rules and regulations.

Entering the area every visitor is expected to follow the law of Finland for the whole time of the event. When necessary validity of the ticket or other ingress must be presented.


The visitor is aware that CCTV is in the area.

Visitors agree that all audio and video recordings, pictures and movies can be in a commercial use without any refunds and time or place limits.




  1. Under 12 years old can enter the area only with a person over 18 years.
  2. Access to the area only with a valid ticket.
  3. Security control can be performed
  4. Visitor has a duty to carry the ticket with him or her whole time of the event and present it if needed.
  5. The ticket authorizes visitor to watch the race only from the sector that is marked on the ticket.
  6. When exiting the area is the visitor’s duty to go through the exit and deactive his or her ticket.
  7. Pets are allowed on the track stands, organizer expects that the pet owner takes responsibility to keep the area clean.
  8. Organizer has the right to do changes for the program, escpecially because of bad weather conditions.
  9. Smoking is permitted in clearly marked, specially selected areas
  10. Visitor under the influence of alcohol or other drugs won’t be allowed to the area or will be removed from it. Also agressive behavior leads to removing from the area.
  11. Visitor is assumed to behave politely towards other visitors, not to damage the area’s equipment, to keep order, not to cause trouble for the race and only to move on the marked areas.
  12. It is also prohibited to give any information or advice for the sportsmen.
  13. Crossing the tracks, touching the sportsmen or making their race difficult or help them is absolutely forbidden.
  14. Visitors of the event are expected to respect and obey the instructions of the organizer and its employees (supervisors, stewards, technicians etc.)
  15. If the organizer or employees instructions are not followed, this person can be removed from the area without any refunds of the tickets.
  16. Visitor participates to the event by his or her own responsibility and is in charge of his or her own damage which are caused by of visitors own behavior.
  17. The organizer is not responsible of any health damages or their property unless this damage is happened because the organizer has broke the law.





Every one of the visitors must agree for the security control concerning also bags, backpacks, purses etc. in case of forbidden items. The security check can be performed by frisking, with a metal detector or other security device.


The following items are prohibited in the area:


  • Glass containers, glass bottles and pitchers of any size
  • Cans of any size
  • Liquids containing alcohol
  • Un-collapsible umbrellas
  • Pyrotechnical items that can be easily flammable
  • Items that take much of space such as bikes, skis, big umbrellas or sleds.
  • Pressure horns
  • Megaphones
  • Laser pointers
  • Items which has been designed for commercial use without the agreement of the organizer
  • Items which advertise racism, xenophobia or contain rude or vulgar slogans
  • Banners which are insulting or include political views

Items that are allowed

  • Flags (wooden pole, maximum length 1,50 m)
  • Plastic and telescopic poles (metal poles are allowed if those are hollow and flexible, maximum length 1,50 m)

Police will be informed if any of the following items are being posessed

  • Knives
  • Butterfly knives



  • Going to areas which are not allowed for the visitors and the areas are clearly marked with signs
  • Cause damage to area’s equipment and devices
  • Doing physical needs anywhere else than to the marked wc facilities or otherwise pollute the area
  • Climbing on buildings or devices that are meant for a different use such as fences, barriers etc.
  • Throwing items or liquids to the tracks or visitor areas
  • Covering banners or other advertisement
  • Doing masks or other things to hide own face in purpose to make identification more difficult
  • Every kind of advertising is forbidden without special permission from the organizer. It is also forbidden to take pictures, videos or any recordings for a commercial use.