BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 7


Tickets will be available via Ticketmaster.

VIP-tickets via Organizing committee. See information here.

It is also possible to purchase tickets at Ticketmaster offices.

At the Stadium you can purchase tickets on competition days at main entrance. Ticket sales starts
3 hours prior to competitions. We would appreciate payments in cash but there is also possibilty to pay with credit cards.

For all inquiries and questions concerning tickets:




Ticket prices


Prices includes Ticketmaster delivery fee.


Tickets for wheelchair users’ stand

We kindly ask people with wheelchair/people needing special assistance wishing to book tickets by February 23rd by email The location of wheelchair stand will be next to the VIP-stand (number 6 on a map). Price of this stand is same as in stand A. In case you require an assistant, he/she will have a free entrance with you.


Stadium map / General Sales&Event Terms&Conditions

Preordered tickets will be available at the Ticket office next to Main gate (blue container, 30 m from Main gate).