Volunteer positions

Note that volunteers coming abroad are mainly offered volunteer positions in spectator services and restaurant sector. Few positions in other sectors are available too, mainly based on previous experiences.

After-race team
Are you a real biathlon fan who want’s to be part of the organizing team but still doesn’t want to miss any moment of going-on races? Do you want to be able to follow all the competitions without worrying about your volunteer tasks? If so, then the after-race team is the best team for you. The after-race team’s duties start after the races. Your task is to go around the spectator area (such as spectator stands, pathways) and ensure that they are clean and tidy for the following races. When we have two races per day, the team works two times: between races and then after the last race; when we have only one race the team works once, after the race. The cleaning means mainly picking up trashes, empty coffee cups etc. and the work happens outside. Sometimes the after-race team has to fix something, too, such as slippery pathways, fallen advertisements..

Stadium Crew
Stadium crew will take care of preparation and good condition of competition venues and facilities before and during competitions. Stadium crew will ensure that there won’t appear any problems and will solve appearing problems as quickly as possible.

Task of chaperon is important in process of doping control. The chaperon will deliver the written invitation of doping test to the selected athlete. The chaperon will control and follow the athlete from invitation until the athlete has checked in to the doping test.

Start and finish area
Officials of start and finish area will inspect the equipment/materials and clothing of competitors prior to the start. Crew will ensure the smooth, orderly and timely flow of competitors through to the start. Crew will take care of tasks of relay hand-over zone in the relay competitions.

Shooting Range
Officials of shooting range will be responsible of activities of selected shooting lane. Activities include for example putting down the competition numbers, amounts of shots and missed shots. Range officials will inform possible violations of shooting regulation and/or safety issues.

Parking and security stewards
Parking crew will control actively parking of arriving cars of spectators. The duty of security stewards is to maintain order and security and to prevent crime and accidents at the event. Good social and language skills are recommended.

Crew of ceremonies will organize the prize ceremonies.

Product sale incl. food sale
There are different kinds of event products for sale at the event. Crew of product sales will serve our spectators with positive attitude.

Catering and cleaning
Crew of catering will offer tasteful food and drinks for officials, athletes, team members, representatives of media and VIP-quests. Crew of cleaning will ensure the cleanness of stadium area and all facilities. Catering sector includes also some physical work so we would like to see also men applying to catering tasks.

Information and competition office
Information office and other information points will assist spectators and other quests to find services of stadium and places of stands. Competition office will be open during regular hours during the entire event, beginning on the arrival day of teams, and will be the official interface between teams and the organizing committee.

Suboffice works in co-operation with competition office. Suboffice is located in Joensuu (Sokos Hotel Kimmel, Itäranta 1 Joensuu) next to the accreditation office. Suboffice serves both the teams and other volunteers. In suboffice you need to have good customer service attitude and some knowledge of the surroundings. You might face a questions such as “Where is the closest gym? Is there any place to go swimming? How can I get to the Stadium?”

Drivers will be responsible for safe and scheduled transportation of officials, representatives of media and spectators. Drivers will need valid driving license, good social and English skills.

Communication and media

There is no recruitment to the communication and media sector during wc 2018.